Hi, I'm Isaiah!

A software developer from New Zealand, focusing on music, games, and bloody cool websites. I'm passionate about producing high quality services within tight constraints, and my answer to any everyday problem is to fix it with code. I love to push the limits of JavaScript and the web browser, and I'm currently obsessed with the capabilities of WebXR. My favourite languages are PHP and JavaScript. I'm currently learning C++, and sucking at Java. When I'm not tearing my hair out over my code I like to DJ, ski, and eat good food.


A Minecraft mod with over 200,000 users worldwide. Cosmetica promotes freedom of expression by allowing users to customize their appearance further than Minecraft's skin system allows. Much of the project is also hosted on GitHub using permissive licenses, providing an open source alternative the the cosmetics systems found in larger Minecraft PvP clients like Lunar or Badlion. Cosmetica is the most popular cosmetics mod on the popular modding website Modrinth, and is the fastest growing cosmetics mod on the largest modding website CurseForge. Cosmetica is written in Java, PHP, Node.JS, and Kotlin. Find Cosmetica by Googling "Cosmetica MC".


An electronic music radio station running since 2018. Silhouette has featured some of the greatest talent in the New Zealand electronic music scene. The station also hosted New Zealand's first and largest virtual music festival in the first 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, featuring over 30 artists and DJs back-to-back over three days. Find Silhouette by Googling "Beats Turning".


A Discord music bot with extensive support of popular streaming platforms. Station was developed after the fall of major existing bots like Rythm and Groovy. It allows you to play songs, playlists, and livesteams from services like Spotify, Youtube, SoundCloud, and Youtube Music. Station v2.0.0 introduced a public API for controlling the bot, which people used to control Station from inside videogames and to incorporate voice control. Station is written in Node.JS. Find Station by Googling "Discord's sexiest music bot".

Contact Me

Got a project for me to jump on or want to lend a hand with one of mine? Contact me at isaiah[at]eyezah.com or via eyezah#5270 on Discord (Don't try to friend me, just start talking).